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Which online personality are you?

21 October; Author: Niyija

Our lives are increasingly being lived online. So it should come as no surprise that
a new study suggests we each take on one of five online personality types. 


internet-personality 2

Have a look at these five personality types and see if you can spot yours. You can take the short quiz here and test which category you fall into.

1. Open sharers

If you fall into this category, you’re in the most digital group. You use the web to help organise and share your life. If you can accomplish something online, you do so because you know it’s the most convenient way to do it. There’s a 50 per cent chance that you’re online more than 10 times a day, and a 60 per cent chance that you’re male.

You probably know that social media sites, search engines and marketers use your personal information to tailor specific search results and advertising. So when you share personal information you expect deals, access and offers in return.

2. Simply interactors

If you’re a simply interactor, you love to stay connected to others through social media, or else you feel ‘left out’. Although you know your way around social networks, you don’t delve too much further into the world of tech. While you might use online resources to research products online, you still prefer to do your shopping in person.

You’re aware of targeted marketing, but don’t see your data as particularly valuable and so aren’t too concerned about it.

3. Solely shoppers

Solely shoppers are comfortable doing all their shopping online. You use the Internet not only for actual purchases, but to research products and compare prices too. For instance, you would likely read homeware blogs to read reviews and get consumer advice when you’re shopping for your home.

You’re less likely to be aware of target marketing and how social media use your personal information for targeted advertising. You don’t see your information as being of that much use to advertisers and merchants, but appreciate the offers and specials you get.

4. Passive users

If you’re a passive user, you’re not wholly convinced of the relevance of the Internet in your life and aren’t a heavy online or social networker. Strangely, though, you are more likely than other personas to shop via mobile devices, because you like practical mobile applications that have a straightforward benefit like mobile banking.

You’re less aware of targeted marketing, have lower levels of privacy management, and are more willing than other personality types to trade your data for something in return.

5. Proactive protectors

Being very well aware of how your personal information gets used, you’re guarded with your personal information and active with your privacy management. You don’t want your movements tracked online, even in exchange for benefits, so you take steps to conceal your digital footprint.

You’re less likely to see the use of social media, especially when weighed against how marketers follow your activities. And while you acknowledge the ease of Internet shopping, you never reveal information unnecessarily.

The idea of us having both an online and an offline personality is an interesting concept. The gap is widening between how we present ourselves in the online and offline spaces, so we may one day need to start asking ourselves whether our online or offline personas are the more real reflection of ourselves.




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