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Where is a good place to meet someone?

9 July; Author: Niyija

Bars? Clubs? The golf course? People often end up going to places that they wouldn’t normally go to in order to find a partner…..

But think about it – if you wouldn’t want a partner who spends his evenings out at the local bar, why would you go to a bar to look for one?

On the other hand, you will never meet someone if you spend all your spare time alone at home

The key is to get out of the house, and try out something new. Whilst you’re exploring new hobbies and interests and growing as a person, you will meet other people interested in the same things that you are. Even if you don’t find a spouse, you might find some great friends.

Put yourself out there

Tell your friends that you are open to introductions. This is not demeaning at all, and since your friends know you well, they will know what kind of partner would suit you.


Remember to remain true to yourself

Don’t try to be someone you’re not by dressing differently to how you usually do, behaving differently and compromising on your values. Even if you attract a partner, these lies will end up affecting the relationship.

Don’t give up

If you’re interested in finding a life partner, don’t give up after a few relationship failures. Evaluate why those relationships didn’t work out – is there something you could change about yourself? If not, then they really weren’t the right person for you.

Pick yourself up and try again. There will be a great match out there for you, and experiencing some bad relationships will help you recognise a great one when it comes along.


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