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Third of The Top 50 Date-Night Ideas of All Time

22 April; Author: Niyija

Wander the bookstore

Your Kindle has tons of memory. but it sure isn’t good at making them. Take a clue from the scene in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind when Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) continually re-meet and have conversations among the shelves. Our suggestion: Start at the the travel section and get to know each other even better by talking dream trips.


Spend the night by the fireplace

Admit it: Flames are sexier than CFL’s any day. Start a fire, turn off the lights, and talk with your guy until there’s only embers, like Sam (Natalie Portman) and Andrew (Zach Braff) do in Garden State.


Go ahead, be a little cheesy

Plenty of restaurants offer classes on the fine points of the smelly stuff, but it’s easy to set up one in your own home as well. Head to a cheese store (or the cheese counter at your grocery store) and ask for recommendations. “For beginners, it’s best to choose items from the same region,” says Beth Griffenhagen, marketing manager at Murray’s Cheese, a gourmet cheese shop in New York City. “Matching a beer or wine with a few cheeses from the same place usually works because the environment has interacted with the elements in the same way, often producing a complimentary flavor.”


Document the night

Head to the pub around the corner, hit the coffee bar for dessert, or just grab takeout — but be sure to take plenty of fun, artsy or silly Instagram pictures. Not only will it create an awesome memory, but studies have shown that looking at photos of your significant other can make you feel even more connected to them, so find a favorite and print it out.


Take a trendy workout class

Even if he’s a treadhead and you’re a die-hard spinner, there are plenty of classes that allow you to meet in the middle. For example, Crunch gyms nationwide offer a class called SurfSet, where workouts are done on surfboard-like contraptions on springs, while the super popular — and hardcore — CrossFit phenomenon has drop-in rates for people who want to try the workout without committing to a gym.


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