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How to be Sexy During Winter?

21 March; Author: Niyija

The word sexy is literally associated to showing much skin as a result of which, most of the sexy glam are often disappointed when winter sets in. We being primal creatures tend to get aroused with things related to skin. But hold on…!! There are a couple of things you can still do to appear as sexy as ever without putting any hold to your body beauty routine. Though it might sound quite awkward to step out of your comfy clothes and slippers for a pedicure, yet to fight away the winter blues and look sexy you need to take care of your body. You need to make your body feel sexy in order to look sexy in winter.

Accessories are going to come in handy and will be playing a major role in your winter wardrobe to make you look sexy. Following are some of the things that you can do to appear and look sexy during winterswithout forsaking warm clothes:

1) Incorporating animal prints in your wardrobe will add spice to your dressing sense. Some creativity coupled with a little boldness is all that you require. And also a thumb rule that must be kept in mind while wearing animal prints is that the shapes must be tasteful or it will look wayward.


2) Shoes are an attraction during winters. The choice of styles are endless you can select form a wide range of varieties that are available. Also depending on the climatic conditions you can also go for open toed shoes.

3) Tights when worn with short skirts not only make you feel warmer but also add to your sex appeal.

4) Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes. Though most women consider that wearing tight fitting clothing’s accentuates their sex appeal but on the contrary it makes you look stuffed in a layer of clothes. So the best way is to wear clothes that skim to your body giving you a clear and fine curvy shape of your body. It adds to your sex appeal.

5) Assemble your accessories. It will add glamour to your winter clothing. The right type of hat will make you look no less sexy than wearing a skimpy summer outfit. You can even consider wearing a fedora.

Apart from the clothing, it is important to take care of your skin and hair as well. Winter is one such season which tends to make your skin and scalp of your hair very dry. It tends to make your hands very rough. So make sure that you pay proper attention to your skin and hair. Use a good amount of moisturizer to revitalize your skin and soften your hands.

Wearing minis in the winter season will also enhance your sex appeal. To add to your sex appeal know how to select shoes to wear with the mini skirt. Being sexy is all about how you dress up and present yourself without looking cheap.




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