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How To Be Articulate

28 November; Author: Niyija

Being articulate means to have or to show the ability to speak fluently and coherently and gives people the impression of a solid, full education and cultured mind.

It is possible to learn how to be articulate and well-versed regarding language skills. However, in order to be able to do this, you will need to:


1. Know your subject in order to be articulate

Speak on matters on which you are able to bring more clarity to others or help add to the discussion. Speaking from a desire to just get your voice heard, will not add to your perceived level of articulateness.

Let others speak on subjects on which they’re an expert and add to that discussion through articulate questions. Do your subject research well,

2. Eliminate verbal pauses in order to be articulate

Words such as um, a, like, etc., degrade and detract from what you say. They disturb the flow of a sentence. A nonverbal pause is much better. When floundering for words, a nonverbal pause, placed correctly, gives the listener the effect of a dramatic or studied thought. It confirms your control over what is being said.

3. Think before you speak in order to be articulate

This helps to eliminate the verbal pauses and may prevent you from saying something that does not make sense. Avoid rambling. If you do not have anything to say, sit down!

4. Read and expand your vocabulary in order to be articulate

The key to becoming an independent articulate speaker however, is to look up words and correct pronunciation for words with which you are unfamiliar with. Refine your pronunciation, strengthen your voice and gain knowledge as you go along by reading aloud. Reading aids this effort and elevates your intelligence.

5. Keep up with current affairs in order to be articulate

Keep up to date with current events and know your history. This is not mandatory, but assists in intelligent conversation. What use is your speaking ability if you have nothing to speak about?

6. Use real words in order to be articulate

Shun slang and contractions. Use real words found in good literature. Never swear. Profanity and crude language will never heighten anyone’s opinion of you.

7. Use correct grammar in order to be articulate

Correct grammar is imperative to being articulate.

8. Try to work on being more concise in order to be articulate

Saying more by saying more can make some people shut down or stop listening. Condense your discussions, don’t be vague, and don’t woffle on. State your point up front and people will know what you are trying to elaborate about.

9. Have patience in order to be articulate

Reforming the way you speak takes a great deal of time and effort, but the rewards are significant.



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