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Fifth of The Top Date-Night Ideas of All Time

25 April; Author: Niyija

Fulfill your bucket list

In A Walk to Remember, Landon (Shane West) helps Jamie (Mandy Moore) cross items off her bucket list before she dies of leukemia. And while that’s extreme, taking the time to do the things you’ve always wanted to with your guy helps further anchor your relationship and commitment to each other.


Head to the local nursery

More and more greenhouses are opening up cafes and gift shops, which make the destination more than just a place to buy mulch. Not only that, but walking around brightly colored flowers — especially when it’s still freezing outside — can help influence your moods.


Hit up a whiskey tasting

There’s something about setting down a tumbler full of 12-year-aged Maker’s Mark that brings out the primal manliness in a guy. (Maybe it’s his sexy, faraway look while he’s trying not to show reaction to the sting? We have no idea, but whatever it is, we’ll take it.) States like Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee are known for their whiskey trails and plenty of urban restaurants specialize in whiskey, but you can also recreate your own by trying a bottle of bourbon (think Jack Daniels), Scotch (think Johnnie Walker) and Irish Whiskey (think Jameson), says Ky Soto, mixologist for The Thirsty Crow, a Los Angeles whiskey bar. Pour yourself “two fingers” worth of each — or better yet, let him — and have a glass of water on hand to sip between each taste. Soto recommends really paying attention to the different tastes present in each alcohol, but if your mind wanders to that Daniel Craig Skyfall Scotland scene, we won’t judge.


Sign up for a mud run or color run

Dirt — and lots of it — is the pervading theme at these non-competitive fun runs spouting up around the country. They often require you to work in tandem, which is an awesome way to bond, and the finish-line sometimes stocks celebratory beer tents for thirsty participants.


Plan a picnic

“Nothing makes me happier than a blanket, basket, some yummy snacks, and a Kindle full of books I’m ready to read,” says Jenna S., 33, of San Mateo, CA. “Even if we’re just in the backyard, something about lying on the ground, both of us reading our own thing, takes me right back to college in the best way.”


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