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Essential relationship phone rules

9 September; Author: Admin

If you want to show your partner that you trust, appreciate and respect him or her, then make sure you play by these relationship phone rules…

1. Don’t make a habit of putting your phone on silent mode or turning it off each time you’re with your partner. It makes you look like you are hiding something.

2. Save your partner’s phone number using a special title like Angel or Babe. Or save using a title plus the official name. Using the official name only makes your partner look like just the other business contacts or work colleagues on your phone.

3. Answer your partner’s phone call with loving affectionate words that make him or her feel special, and not just a business contact. How a conversation starts determines how it flows. If you start warm, you two will enjoy talking to each other on phone.

4. End the talk on a high. Say “I love you”, or share a joke, a compliment, or a warm phrase before you hang up. Hang up with a smile.

5. It is OK to chat with friends online. But never chat with another person more than you chat with your partner.

6. Practise consideration. If you will be busy, notify your partner you will not be able to pick up calls or reply texts promptly. Inform your partner of what you will be doing and approximately for how long. This prepares your partner and brings peace because your partner will not feel ignored.


7. Flirting on the phone is good but only flirt with your partner.

8. Take lots of photos and videos to capture moments together. You will enjoy looking at those pics and videos that record how your relationship grew.

9. When you go out on dates, keep the phone in your bag so that you focus on each other.

10. Don’t make a habit of walking away from your partner to answer phone calls. Your partner might think that you are hiding something or having an affair. Love is about perception.

11. If you don’t live together, then when you get home, it’s only manners to let the person know you are safe – and that you had a wonderful time.

12. Unless it’s an emergency, when you can’t reach your partner and you probably know he/she is at work or doing something, don’t keep calling and texting desperately. You will only look like a nag. Relax, your partner will see your missed call and get back to you when he or she can.

13. When you see a missed call or text from your partner, call back or reply as soon as you can. Put your partner at ease.

14. Save your partner’s phone number as an emergency number to be contacted in case something happens to you and your phone is locked.

15. Avoid fighting over the phone: this can leave a bad feeling when you hang up, negatively affecting how you two relate. Talk about serious issues that are volatile face to face.

16. When your partner offends you or you two aggravate each other, never refuse to pick up your partner’s phone call. That only makes matters worse. Keep the line of communication open so that you work things out. If you can’t talk at the moment because you are hurting, just pick up the call and say “I can’t talk right now” and your partner will understand.

17. Inform your partner when and why you need to turn off your phone when you two are apart. Keep your partner from worrying.

18. When you two are having fun together, it is good to celebrate your love online but don’t post too much about your love life. Some things are best kept private. The world doesn’t have to know every detail of how much you love each other.

19. When you two are having problems, don’t vent about your partner directly or indirectly on your social media posts.

20. Don’t let your partner get news about you from social media like your online friends. Tell the news to your partner first, and then post it online.

21. Put the phone away when your partner needs your undivided attention, especially in the bedroom. Don’t spend more time holding your phone than you spend holding your partner.

Your phone can be a negative or positive influence in your relationship: be smart with your smart phone.

Young woman touching her hair while talking on a telephone

Young woman touching her hair while talking on a telephone


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