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Do single people have more fun?

16 August; Author: Niyija

Do single people have more fun?

singles-have-more-funIn a recent discussion with some friends we all agreed that on my upcoming trip to New York, it would be in my best interests to remain single. This got me thinking if us single people have more fun than people in relationships.

I like to say that I am going through the ‘selfish’ phase of my life. Being single means I can do whatever I want, (to whoeverwill have me), whenever I want. All I really have to worry about is me. I hope this ‘selfish’ phase does not go on for longer than it needs to, however I am enjoying this freedom that only a single person can have – for as long as it lasts.

Single people definitely have more random fun. The lack of commitment to any one person means you do not need to plan far in advance. I’ve been out to get some milk before the store closes and only got home the next morning. You can just go with the flow and organically see where the night takes you.

In a relationship you need to consider what the other person wants to do, and both of you do not always want to do the same thing. This decision making process can take time, so things tend to be more structured and planned whilst a thoughtful decision is made. This can lead to a couple deciding go to home at a “responsible hour” while the rest of you keep going and end up hitting golf balls into the ocean at 6am while the sun rises.

There are clear benefits of being in a relationship, that many would say outweigh being single.

In a relationship the general idea is that with two of you involved, it will amplify the levels of fun. A walk on the beach is a lot more romantic when there are two of you. However as a single person you always have friends you can invite to things to share fun times with. The walk on the beach would not be romantic, but the chances of all four of you trying to destroy each other on the nearby Bumper Cars is pretty good.

The sex life of a couple varies depending on the couple. Sexual partners are a lot like tennis partners, it is a lot more fun if the other person is at the same level you are. Not all of us like being the teacher to a failing student. Sex should never be the defining point of a relationship, however if it is not as fun as hoped, it can lead to the downfall of a relationship.

The single person has the chance to get up to all kinds of mischief in the sexual department. Granted it may not be as regular, however the whole game of trying to get it is massive amounts of fun. There is a certain pleasure (as a man) who can go out for a ‘few quiet drinks’ on a Thursday night and only get home on Friday afternoon .

Please see the graph below..


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