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Forth of The Top 50 Date-Night Ideas of All Time

23 April; Author: Niyija

Take a ride

The top of the Ferris wheel is the ideal place for true feelings to come out, and not only because it’s an awesomely dramatic movie shot, à la Never Been Kissed. Research has found that adrenaline-spiked activities mimic the feeling of falling in love. When you’re with your guy, those butterflies can be transferred from your feelings about the ride to your feelings about him.


Hit the club

We’re not talking fist pumping. Lots of cities are cuing into Gen X nostalgia and creating ’80s video dance parties where you can show off your best moonwalk or outdo Courteney Cox with your Dancing in the Dark moves. Check out Portland’s ’80s Video Dance Attack or Google “’80s Dance Parties” and your area. Alternatively, show off your own moves at home by YouTube-ing your favorites, playing them on your flatscreen, and partying like it’s 10 years before 1999.


Venture into the kitchen

“We love Taco Tuesday; we try different main meats and experiment with flavors,” says Chicagoan Erin G., 29. “It sounds simple, and we’ve got the prep-work down to a science, but because we don’t have to concentrate on the task at hand, we can really enjoy being with each other.”


Serenade each other

One of the most romantic scenes in the romantic movie Once is when Guy (Glen Hansard) sings to his love in a guitar store. Is your musical prowess about as technical as pressing play on iTunes? Check Groupon for guitar lessons: just one will allow you and your guy to at least tentatively pick a tune. Plus, research suggests working together to learn a new skill can actually tighten your bond.


Keep it together when you’re apart

“My guy travels a lot for business, and one way I’ve found we can stay connected, especially on trips over a week long, is to keep a weekly movie date,” says Sarah B., 28, of Pasadena, CA. “We’ll pick something we both want to see and watch at the same time, texting or calling during scenes we like (or hate!).”


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