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5 Things You’re Stressing About That Really Don’t Matter

6 April; Author: Niyija

In the present day and age, we are surrounded by endless responsibilities and expectations. It is likely there is something brewing in the back of your mind right now that is causing you undue stress, and it can be easy to simply procrastinate these things or try to ignore them, but they are still lingering.

worry-ladyWhile many of these issues do require attention at some point, there are other stress inducers that you blow out of proportion. There are five things that we tend to make a bigger deal than they actually are.

1. Checking Your Email

Email is a convenient way to communicate, but many tend to stress themselves out by checking it multiple times per day. A recent study performed by Kostadin Kushlev and Elizabeth Dunn of the University of British Columbia instructed one group of participants to check their email three times per day and the other group to check as often as possible. The latter showed higher stress levels. Consider turning off notifications and relax!

2. Significant Other’s Facebook

worry-manWe want to know what our significant other is up to, but, if you find yourself constantly checking their timeline, you are not doing yourself any good. It can be easy to misconstrue a simple comment. Resist the urge and speak with them in person instead.

3. Criticism

Criticism can be constructive. If a superior has made minor critical remarks about your work, don’t focus on the negative aspects. Instead, think about how you can do better next time and let this be a chance for you to grow.

4. Heavy Traffic

After a long day, you are ready to get home. Don’t let getting stuck in traffic stress you out. After all, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. If it causes you to be late, it can be a conversation starter.

5. Missing a Workout

If you have missed a workout, beating yourself up over it can cause you to miss the next one. Simply put it out of your mind and continue with the next one.

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