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Keep things Steamy in Cold Weather

29 April; Author: Niyija

Huddle with friends. You rarely hear people talking about loneliness as warm. We talk about the chill of rejection, an icy stare, or being “left out in the cold.” A couple of University of Toronto psychologists wondered about the origins of the “cold and lonely” link. One group of test subjects was asked to remember and talk about a time when they felt socially alone. The other group were prompted to recall a time when they felt socially accepted and included. After the groups had reminisced awhile, the researchers got sneaky. They asked everyone what they thought the temperature of the room was, pretending that building maintenance needed to know for repairs. Those who recalled lonely times perceived the room to be colder than those summoning up happy memories. Loneliness actually makes us feel cold!


To thaw a cold body, get close. It’s a strong instinct across the animal kingdom – to snuggle up to someone when you’re cold. But it’s also just good physics. When a cool body comes into contact with a hot body, some of the warmth will get transferred from the warmer to the colder body. A snuggle can be innocent and comforting – or a bit more intimate. Sexual intercourse, with all of the increased blood flow and movement, will obviously generate some body heat.

Interesting titbit : And weird as it sounds, keeping your socks on while you do the deed could make things even steamier – and not just because your feet will be warmer! In a Dutch study, researchers found that couples who had cozy toes were more likely to reach orgasm than those with bare feet. Now you have a good excuse for wearing those big woolly socks to bed.

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