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How to end a negative friendship

29 May; Author: Niyija

Negative friendships can cause issues in every aspect of your life. They can affect how you think, act and function. While it is usually difficult to rid yourself of a negative friendship, doing so will give you much-needed perspective, as well as peace of mind.

negative relationships

Ending a negative friendship will be painful

After all, you care about the person, or you would not have him or her in your life in the first place. A clean break will cause the least amount of pain, and enable you to move on more easily. Below are some tips that will help you do this successfully:

Talk, don’t fight

Talking problems out is always the best way to resolve them. If you have reached the point where they simply can’t be resolved, talk about your decision to break off the friendship.

Explain why you are doing it and that you don’t want to argue. If the other person attempts to start an argument, cut it off. Refusing to argue will take the wind out of a person’s sails very quickly, because there will be no fuel added to the fire.

Make sure your reasons are clear

Be honest with your friend, and make every effort to ensure that he or she understands why this conversation is taking place.

If you feel you have done everything possible to save the relationship, explain this as well. You will likely run up against some resistance, but this is to be expected. Remain firm and don’t back down.

Just cut it off

When it’s done, it should be done. Don’t keep going back on your decision. This will only drag it out even longer. If the problems you have with the person can’t be resolved, the best way to end it is to simply do just that.

negative relationships 1

Don’t talk yourself out of it because of the positives

The negatives are obviously overshadowing the positives, or you wouldn’t have considered ending the friendship in the first place.

Sure there were positives, but the negatives are making you unhappy and deserve your attention. Looking back will only result in a mind change, which will only lead to an unhealthy decision.

Breaking off any friendship will be painful, but by following the tips above, you can minimise the pain and make it easier for you both. Stand your ground and move on. This is the best way to find positive friendships that will be healthier for you, and lead to happiness.

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