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How to Dress Stylishly Over 40

4 March; Author: Niyija

Over 40, but want to dress in a way that’s still youthful, yet age appropriate? Here are a few pointers to ensure you always look great.

Dress for your body type 
Don’t buy clothes that don’t flatter you, even if they are this season’s trend. Instead, invest in classic clothes and cuts that work for you and your body type, and highlight what you love best about your body.

Don’t wear anything that’s too tight, as this will accentuate your bulgy areas, but also avoid wearing baggy clothes, as this will only make you look shapeless. Instead, wear tailored and classic pieces like a fitted blazer and trousers. You could also consider buying a cropped jacket. It’s like a magic fashion wand in that it’s youthful and creates a great silhouette.

Stay away from crop tops that show off your belly.  

Choose the right hemline
If you have good calves, show them off. In your 40s it’s flattering to wear hemlines that hit the knee. A couple of inches above the knee is as short as you should ideally go, but if you feel you have great legs, wear that miniskirt, as long as you have the confidence to really pull it off.

Wear the right jeans
Leave stone washed, bleached or ripped jeans to the teens, and rather choose classically stylish dark wash denim. Bootcut, flare and wide leg jeans look great on many older women, especially with high heels, as this really helps give length to your legs.

Avoid baggy jeans, as these can make you look shapeless and scruffy. Instead, opt for fitted jeans with some stretch, as they usually fit better.

If you want to show off your legs, skinny jeans or legging jeans will look great, but tone down everything else, and team them with a tunic or longer top, to cover your bum. Avoid wearing tight jeans with a tight top, as this looks inelegant.

Develop your own style
Don’t be afraid to splash out on footwear, the right pair can make even a boring outfit look great. Are there shoes older women should avoid? Yes! Chunky platforms or thigh high boots are too ‘young’, and will look graceless on an older woman.
Scarves are another nice accessory to invest in, as they soften your look and are an easy way to inject the latest fashionable print or colour into your outfit.

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