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How to Dress Sexy in Cold Weather

8 July; Author: Niyija

The problem with cold weather is it’s not practical to show a lot of skin. Women tend to equate “sexy” with “skin” and that’s not necessarily the case. It’s easy to be sexy while dressing for the cold while showing only a little skin or none at all.


Layer your shirts

This is especially easy because layers are very trendy and they make it easy to dress for the cold.
Layer one: tank top.
Layer two: Low-cut tight top.
Layer three: A sweater that is low-cut and/or opens in front.
This does two things: one, it emphasizes and accentuates your curves. If it gets too warm for your sweater, you can take it off, still look nice and still be wearing layers. Your sweater shows off the other two layers and keeps you extra warm.
Note: Just because something is low-cut doesn’t mean that everything has to spill out. It means that it shows a little bit of cleavage: enough to entice someone to look again. That’s sexy.

Choose Bottoms that Accentuate Your Shape

If you’re skinny, skinny jeans are great they show how slim your legs are, make you look longer and taller. Bigger people do not look good in skinny jeans. Find something that flares, even though it’s not as trendy. You might need to pay a bit more for it, but if you find something that accentuates your curves instead of emphasizing your size, that’s sexy.
If you’re wearing fitted shirts, try a baggy skirt. If you’re wearing looser shirts, try a pencil skirt. The combination makes the look complete. Also, keep in mind that leggings are warm, trendy and will keep you warmer if you’re wearing a skirt.

A great coat

Find a coat you love, will wear and feel comfortable in. If you hate ski coats because you feel like a marshmallow, don’t buy it. If you hate long coats because you feel like a bar of soap, keep looking. Look for something that accentuates the part about your figure that you like and will keep you warm.

Find a Good Pair of Boots

Boots are in season almost fall and winter. Choose a boot that goes with what much of what you will be wearing. Any shoe that comes to a point will make your legs look longer and slimmer. Your shoes will complete your look and bring it all together. If the shoe’s sexy, the rest of your look will seem sexier, too.

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