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How to Develop Willpower

4 October; Author: Niyija

Willpower is the inner strength that enables you to make decisions and carry them out.

Willpower gives you the strength to take action and perform tasks and plans, in spite of inner resistance, discomfort, laziness or other difficulties.

When there is willpower, there is firmness, decisiveness, determination, assertiveness, resolution, persistence, and the power of pushing yourself towards goals and achievements.


With this skill well developed, you are in a better position to overcome procrastination and laziness, focus on what you are doing, and avoid unhealthy or unreasonable temptations.

Willpower is nothing but the power of choice. When you begin to see the choices in each of the decisions that you make, and start to choose consciously what you decide on, you will develop a substantial amount of willpower!

1. Become aware of situations where you feel you lack a choice (in other words, where you lack willpower). Write them down.

2. Identify a way in which you can do whatever you feel you’re compelled to do, but in a way that you will enjoy it. Reward yourself every time you do something which you do not enjoy or lacked the willpower to do previously.

3. Force yourself to take action on small decisions regarding a major task. Once you finish the task, look back and feel good for having conquered one small piece of a big task.

4. Move on to big decisions once you find yourself getting more and more successful with small tasks. It is important that you reflect back on your task and feel a sense of accomplishment for having conquered a task.

5. Refuse to be lazy. Overcome habitual procrastination by deciding that you are hard-working and able to do anything to which you set your mind.

6. Focus on the long-term benefit of using willpower and discipline to reach your goal. This alone should motivate you to keep going regardless.

7. Push yourself to do the next positive thing toward your goal. Mental strength comes from overcoming challenges and hurdles. What’s uncomfortable today becomes a habit tomorrow if you push hard through the discomfort of something new and different.

8. Complete tasks as they present themselves. Waiting for something to happen to relieve you from a task further weakens your mind into thinking that you cannot do what you need to do.

9. Set small daily goals and get them done no matter what. Practising self-discipline on a daily basis strengthens your willpower.

10. Start an exercise programme or a healthy eating plan and commit to it for a designated amount of time.

11. Motivate yourself to practise willpower by rewarding yourself for your accomplishments. Set up your rewards ahead of time so that you know towards which goal you are working.


Do not be discouraged by initial failure. Developing willpower takes perseverance and consistency.

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