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How To Be Thankful

11 December; Author: Niyija

At this time of year when we live through a very exciting time of the year and set goals for the new year, it is always a good time to stop and be thankful.

thanks and gratitude



People with a strong sense of gratitude, love and appreciation don’t necessarily have more than others; they simply recognize and see more beauty in their lives.

Research suggests that people who count their blessings are generally happier and healthier than people who do not. If you ever feel as if anything in your life isn’t ‘enough’, try practising an attitude of thankfulness. You might realize that you are more fortunate than you think.

Relax. It’s hard to cultivate a sense of gratitude when you’re angry, frustrated, or anxious. If these are issues with which you struggle, it’s important to resolve them, as they’re formidable barriers to thankfulness.

Live in the moment. If you’re too busy dwelling on the past or thinking about the future, you won’t be able to fully notice how fantastic things are right now. What you have now is all that exists – be thankful for that and don’t postpone your enjoyment. Seize the day and seize the moment!

Start with your senses. The most basic pleasures in life are usually accessible to all of us all the time, but they slip out of our consciousness because we get so used to them. Learn to notice the little things, be thankful for them, and deliberately appreciate them.

  • See the world with new eyes. Look around. Notice beautiful shapes, colours, and details of design. Observe things you normally take for granted, and think of all the little things you’d miss if you were blind. It’s often the most miniscule joys that are missed the most.
  • Smell the roses … and the food … and the air. Recognize the smells that make you feel good: a freshly cut lawn, the air right after it rains, a fresh pot of coffee, the smell of the sea …
  • Taste and savour your food. Eat slowly and chew each mouthful with care and contemplation. Identify flavours and how flavours intermingle as you eat. Take notes from chefs and wine enthusiasts.
  • Touch the things around you – appreciate the sense of touch. How do plants, fabrics, or the skin/fur of animals feel against your skin or in your hands? How many times during the day do people touch you affectionately, and you barely notice – and how often do you respond with touch?
  • Hear the sounds of life. Listen to more than music. Listen when you think it’s quiet, and you’ll discover a myriad of new sounds. You might hear the wind soughing in the trees, leaves rustling as you walk, or the sound of children at play.

Cherish any kind of light-heartedness in your life. Things like laughter, affection, and playfulness are fleeting. Treat these valuable moments with care – especially those involving children who excel in the art of playfulness.
Don’t be the person who takes life too seriously, has no sense of humour, and no time for fun.

Take a vacation or visit somewhere new. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to separate yourself from something/someone in order to appreciate it/them. However, just getting away occasionally can trigger your sense of gratitude and perspective.

Keep a gratitude journal. Challenge yourself to write down five new things every day for which you’re thankful. You might find this easy in the beginning, but soon you’ll discover that you have to increase your awareness and will start seeing the world with new eyes.


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