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How to be more introverted when you’re an extrovert

14 October; Author: Niyija

It is very important to note that extroversion is a natural and healthy personality trait. However, it can be worthwhile for the extrovert to cultivate a few contemplative practices. If you’re an extrovert, perhaps you’ve never considered how a rich inner life can bring positive benefits for both you and the people about whom you care.

It’s important not to associate being an introvert with being shy. There is a difference: A person who is shy usually wants to socialise but can’t, because he or she is anxious in some way. Introverts choose not to socialise because frequently they simply prefer their own company to others’. Real introverts also use ‘alone time’ to recharge themselves – after giving a lot of energy to an extrovert or two.

This article seeks to help an interested, extroverted reader learn how time spent in moments in quiet solitude can be as fulfilling as social relationships.

1. Be patient when trying to be more introverted

Sometimes solitude and looking inward can seem ‘boring’ to an extrovert, since you’re used to drawing energy from external stimuli. However, if you give it time and follow these steps, you’ll discover that the world of ideas, observations, and imagination in your head is just as animated and dynamic as the world outside.


2. Keep a journal

While extroverts are primarily concerned with what’s going on outside themselves, introverts are often preoccupied with their inner world. One way to shift focus is by keeping a journal; commit to a daily writing practice. Some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • What did I feel? Why?
  • What did I learn today? Who did I learn from?
  • What ideas arrived? Who did I think about today?
  • How was today different to yesterday? Than last week? Than last year?
  • What can I be grateful for? Who in my world seems lonely? Why?

3. Nurture your individual creativity to be more introverted

Imagination and ideas develop from observation of the exterior world. The more you observe outside you, the more you take notice, and the more connections you can make from concepts that may not naturally fit together. What impressions does the world make on you while you’re by yourself? Creativity might be seen as being ‘self-absorbed’, but a tremendous external focus is involved.

Write fictional short stories, songs or poetry
Create works of art – painting, sculpture, sketching, etc. Use an art journal.

4. Enjoy solitary tasks

Solitary activities will cultivate patience and relieve stress and boredom during those times when you have to be alone. Here are some ideas:

  • Reading
  • Knitting, crocheting
  • Programming
  • Listening to music by yourself
  • Practising an instrument
  • Taking a solitary walk or hike

5. Increase your awareness to be more introverted

Whether that means relating to a higher power, meditating or just taking time out of your day to learn something new, any shift or increase in perspective will nurture your introverted side. Contemplating the mysteries of science (the universe, quantum theory) can be an intensely introspective experience.

6. Cultivate a well-balanced personality

People most likely to display all the qualities of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, are those who have a balance between the introverted and extroverted sides of their personality.

We as individuals each have a unique personality and therefore will lean towards being either more introverted or more extroverted. The challenge for most of us in the identification of where we could be imbalanced.

For instance, if we prefer a life of solitude and are aware of our introverted nature, it is possible that taking some new risks and adventures that directly involve interaction with groups of people could very well enrich our lives in ways we never dreamed possible.





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