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How to Be a Sincere Person

12 September; Author: Niyija

Sincerity of feeling, intent and presentation touches the hearts of everyone, what exactly defines sincerity and how do you achieve it.

No other formula exists for sincerity other than to be genuine, have faith and trust in yourself, and that you do not try to project someone other than yourself.


1. Act the same way in the presence of others as you do when alone

This is the real you and this is the person that people will warm to and trust. If you try too hard to be what you think how other people want to see in you, the result will not be sincere. You will spend a lot of time projecting a persona that is not a real part of yourself. That is not only hard work but is ultimately insincere.

Beware of pretending to be sincere; false sincerity is easily detected.

2. Do things out of the goodness of your heart; don’t seek a reward or do things to acquire things from people

When you give without expecting anything in return, giving becomes an act of sincerity and an expression of your genuine concern for and interest in others.

3. Don’t do it or say it, unless what you say or do is part of your belief system

If you are placed in a situation that requires you to offer compliments or to express your opinions and tastes, only choose the truths. This will help you to speak genuinely and from the heart.

4. Realise that sincerity can expose you

Opening up to others about your feelings, motives and aspirations can cause some people to feel uncomfortable. Allow others to express their opinions on what you’re saying – even if they are in conflict with yours. Try to place yourself in the other person’s shoes to see where they are coming from.

5. Use positive affirmations

Always seek the good in you, in others, and in situations. When negative connotations arise, use your positive affirmations to override the negatives and to try to find the positive aspect in any situation. Sincerity thrives on effort to think the right way.

6. Be hospitable and avoid material neediness

Sincerity is advanced when you are open to having others in your life and when you do not feel a need to compare yourself with what others have and what you do not.

Material neediness destroys the ability to be sincere because your focus is always on protecting your possessions and aiming to accumulate more instead of looking outwards into the human community around you and perceiving the ways in which you can add substance to it through the goodness of your heart.

Learn to let go of this neediness. Volunteer and contribute to your community in the most giving way possible. In that way, sincerity will become second nature.

And lastly

Smile – a genuine smile speaks volumes to others about your sincerity regarding genuine intent and feelings.


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