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How To Be a More Likable Person

22 November; Author: Niyija

There are some basic steps that you can take to improve relationships with those around you, in order to be a more likable person.

likable person

Making a better impression on those around you and developing a stronger reputation for being a likable person can go a long way to aid networking, career development and socialization.

Be respectful towards everyone, especially yourself!

Be confident in and respectful of who you are. People like to be around others who are sure of themselves without being arrogant. Make others feel welcome, comfortable, and appreciated.

Be polite to everyone in order to be a more likable person

This is a basic form of respect that is easy to adopt towards others. Interact with strangers pleasantly and calmly, request favours with forethought and try to respond to others promptly.

Show an interest in others

Likable people are people who like other people. Focus on something that interests you in the other person. Ask someone for help – especially on a subject that incorporates his or her skills or interests. It will show, not only that you are interested in them, but that you respect their authority on a specific subject.

Initiating random acts of kindness will make you a more likable person

Do things for other people, even strangers. Hold a door open when going in or out of a building, offer your seat to an older person on public transport, or pick something up for a stranger when they drop it. This type of selfless giving inspires others to do the same in return.

Be honest, but gentle

It is particularly important to be honest with your friends and people who solicit you for advice. Make sure always to be respectful and try to frame your comments in a way that is unlikely to upset them. They’re sure to trust you knowing that you were honest and appreciate that you’re helping them.

If you are unsure of whether a truthful comment will hurt someone who asks you for advice, you can prepare him or her by asking whether they actually want your honest opinion. This gives them time to prepare emotionally for your response.

Keep your promises if you want to be a more likable person

Make sure you can follow through on all your commitments. If breaking a commitment is unavoidable, let everyone else involved know as soon as you are aware that you cannot keep your promise. It may still be annoying to the other parties, but at least they can make other arrangements.

Remember to smile!

You emanate a good vibe with this simple gesture, and you can improve the mood of everyone around you. Even if you don’t feel particularly great, the voluntary action of smiling can often trigger feelings of lightheartedness and happiness and make you a more likable person.


Remember that it is neither possible nor desirable to get everyone to like you! There are always people whom you will upset and who will upset you. Be respectful, behave in a mature way and stay confident in yourself with regard to any conflict, but know when to simply let things go.


Article provided by wikiHow

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