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How Not to Go Down

28 May; Author: Niyija

Don’t approach it like you are doing her a favour.  Neither of you should do that. It needs to be enjoyed and wanted by both. If you are not in the mood either get in the mood or give it a skip this time round.

No need to over-salivate. If her clitoris is dry, use one of the great aids available… far more pleasurable.

Not too much chin, please. Overly-chinny oral sex for women is like overly-toothy oral sex for men.

Do not be blithely unaware that your beard hurts, sir! That 5 o’clock shadow that looked super-hot on you while we were at dinner does not feel hot when it is brushing against the sensitive parts of your partner.  Be more considerate.

Don’t add. Just maintain. When an oral-sex-receiving woman is making noises like she is enjoying herself, keep doing exactly what you’re doing.  This includes fingering. Fingering can be glorious for ladies because it can find and stimulate a tiny area better than a penis can, but again, don’t add, just maintain.

Do not go into the 69 position without a confirmed yes. Nothing is more jarring than floating in oral sex land with her eyes closed and then suddenly feeling something bang against her teeth. Of course oral sex should be given mutually, but there is no requirement that it has to be at the precise same time. Some girls like it, others don’t.

Don’t cartoon cat-lick it. Like you’re lapping from a saucer of cream. It’s just weird.

Don’t look up at us to gauge our orgasmic progress. It is pretty common knowledge that men like watching women blow them, even going so far as to pull their hair back to get a better view but not all ladies feel the same. Get to know how your partner feels.

There are so many sex aids that can make oral sex something amazing and a great warm up … both look into all your options and give your partner the best you can.

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