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Good compromise vs bad compromise

24 May; Author: Niyija

In every relationship you need to know when to say either “yes” or “hell no”…..

Entering into a relationship means giving up total freedom to do whatever you want, when you want, but you do get loads of cuddle-time and romantic adventures in return. However, successful relationships are all about learning to compromise and communicate well.


Compromise is the key to any successful couple because everything is balanced out. 

When there is good balance in a relationship, it will more than likely last longer than relationships where compromise does not play a key role.

One of the most important things every couple needs to learn is how to resolve disagreements without damaging the relationship. Here are some examples of good compromise versus bad compromise:

Good compromise

• Instead of decorating the living room in pink and frills, and displaying your childhood teddy bears all over the bed, make sure that you include your man’s style and taste in the décor of your place. Visit markets and shops together and make your living space something that makes you both feel at home.

• You cook, he cleans, everybody wins. You can both take turns in cooking and cleaning but compromise makes it much easier for both of you. Make sure that you don’t end up being his surrogate mom or maid. Relationships are a partnership, so he needs to do his fair share of household chores.

• He’s a heavy metal fan, and you’re a country girl through and through. Make sure you each have headphones so you can enjoy your preferred music without disturbing one another. When you have friends or family over, play music that is more to their taste.

If you both survive compromising then you are the perfect match for each other. However, even though compromise is good, sometimes you need to know where to draw the line. Here are some examples of ‘bad compromise’, where you should take a second look at whether the relationship is worth your time and energy.

Bad compromise 

• On DVD night, you always end up watching some gun-fight, action, explosion movie, and all of your suggestions fall on deaf ears.

• He demands that you get rid of your favourite mini dress because he hates how other guys stare at you when you wear it. Get one thing straight right from the beginning of your relationship – your wardrobe will always be your choice.

• You stop talking to your guy friends because he always makes such a huge deal out of it. Don’t let his insecurities ruin friendships. He needs to trust you and you need to trust him.

• You abandon your beliefs on politics, religion and moral values just to fit in with his. Remember that these things have created who you are today. Don’t change for anyone else. You are entitled to your own opinion. If he truly loves you, he needs to accept your opinion whether he agrees or disagrees.

Compromise can be good or bad – how you as a couple work with it is entirely up to you. It is the key to success in many relationships, especially if you know both the ups and downs of compromising.

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