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Fall in Love with You

14 November; Author: Niyija

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves just how special we are.

Here’s how to spice up your self-love.

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You already know how to love yourself: you’ve just forgotten. Here are some reminders:

Forgive and accept yourself

Learn to let go of past events. Forgive – not only those who’ve done you wrong but also yourself. Don’t define yourself by your mistakes but rather by the strength it took to rectify them.

We’ve all made some bad choices – you don’t have to love them but you do have to live with them. The less you accept them, the less likely you’ll be to love who you are now.

In fact, be radical – celebrate your past. Everything that has happened has shaped you into the unique person that you are.

Nurture yourself

Discover yourself and your needs. Get comfortable with yourself and with being on your own. Close your laptop, take off your headphones and turn off your phone.

Indulge in yourself. Go for a walk, do something you really want to do like taking in an art show or seeing a movie no one else wants to see with you. Doing these things will help you build up your own sense of self and recognize the uniqueness that is you.

I love me

Be who you really are

Stand up for what you believe in and don’t apologise for your passions or interests. A big part of self-love is having your own interests and not feeling the need to apologise for or defend them.

Look at what you have accomplished in the past and still accomplish today. Be proud of who you are. Express yourself – laugh, play, sing! Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your own strength.

Do something good for somebody else

As you give yourself to others and offer help, you will receive the gift of love back. Send a note of gratitude to someone you love. Tell them what you love about them – the little things they do that you appreciate and make your day.

Sometimes giving away your love makes it come back tenfold.

Smiles of gratitude will not fail to ramp up your self-worth.

Be grateful and content

Be content with being you. Be grateful for what you have – the people in your life, career, relationships. Gratitude keeps your heart open to love.

Be happy with every victory, no matter how small you might think it is.

Pay attention. Make a note of everything no matter how small or how big that gives you joy or brings you happiness – because it reminds you of what’s important. Look around you. No matter who you are, there is always something to be grateful for.

Keep a journal

Expressing yourself freely without fear of judgement validates your feelings. Write about your experiences – good and bad. You will get to know what makes you feel happy and confident. Writing about anger, sadness and other painful emotions helps to release the intensity of these feelings.

By doing so you will feel calmer and better able to stay in the present. Since your journal captures all your reflections, you will eventually get a better picture of who you are and who you want to be.

Follow your passion

Write down that big dream of yours and take a step towards it – now. Do what you love. Find out what gets you really excited and go for it. Run with it. Building your life around what you love will enrich your life in many ways.

It’s your passion for what you do that will give you the drive, commitment, and energy necessary to achieve your dreams.

Embrace your future

We all find ourselves in a tight spot at times, leading us to be unhappy with our lives and ultimately with ourselves. Do yourself a favour – remember that you have a deliciously exciting future ahead of you.

love yourself from the inside out

Focus on what’s to come instead of what’s behind.

Be open for change. Diving into a new adventure can be scary but you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

There’s nothing more empowering and self-affirming than starting a new adventure just for yourself.

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