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Express Yourself

14 February; Author: Niyija

ExpressYourself_LThe Express Yourself Gift Collection includes all the essentials for an amazingly satisfying intimate experience. This set is ideal for a woman who’s new to bedroom accessories and wants to experiment with some time-tested favorites. In the Express Yourself Gift Collection, fantastic excitement, a natural feeling lubricant, and a bedroom accessory combine to help you discover new expressions of joy. With this gift set, you might even scream your own name! Express Yourself Gift Collectioncontains:?Ex-T-Cee enhancement cream .5 fl. oz. / 14.8 ml. STRAWBERRY,?Just Like Me lubricant 2 fl. oz. / 60 ml. ORIGINAL,?Silver Bullet REQUIRES TWO AA BATTERIES.


Silver Bullet requires two AA batteries. To insert the batteries, slide open the battery pack and follow the instructions that are located inside the compartment. The batteries will go in opposite directions, with the positive (+) and negative (-) ends on different sides. Silver Bullet has multiple speeds: low to high. To navigate through the speeds and to turn on the product, turn the dial located on the side of the toy up toward “high.” To turn off the product, turn the dial down toward “low” (push all the way down until the product shuts off). Women should use a lubricant with their clitoral vibrator to ensure their comfort and satisfaction. Women can select an Everyday Lubricant such as a water-based likeJust Like Me, which is included in the gift set. To use Just Like Me, simply pump a dime-sized amount of the product onto the fingers and apply either to the vagina, onto the toy, or onto a partner’s penis prior to sexual activity (more lubricant can be added as needed). To use Ex-T-Cee, apply a pea-sized amount to the clitoris to increase pleasure during the state of escalating excitement.


Includes many of Pure Romance’s best selling products. Just Like Mewater based lubricant is safe for even the most sensitive woman. Ex-T-Cee enhancement cream is formulated with a pleasure-tingle mint compound that acts as a cooling enhancer, improving pleasure. Ex-T-Cee is great for first time users. Silver Bullet works perfectly with Just Like Me and Ex-T-Cee for great sensations to the clitoris. Set includes 2 fl. oz. / 60 ml. bottle of Just Like Me water-based lubricant, .5 fl. oz. / 14.8 ml. bottle of Ex-T-Cee enhancement cream and one Silver Bullet clitoral vibrator.

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