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Dress Stylishly in Cold Weather

14 July; Author: Niyija

Dressing stylishly in cold weather can seem challenging because people have to cover up everyday clothes with coats, mittens and hats. People often have to wear several layers of clothing in order to stay warm, adding bulk to an outfit that would otherwise be well fitted and stylish. People who wear layers made of thin but insulating cloth can avoid wearing bulky winter clothing. In addition, bright colors and warm, fashionable fabrics can help anyone look stylish in cold weather.


  • Put on wool long johns. Cover the long johns on your upper body with a T-shirt or camisole. Layer on more T-shirts or camisoles until you think the layers will keep you warm enough. Put on tights if you plan to wear a skirt.
  • Put on wool skirt or pants. Place the sweater over T-shirts or camisoles. Grasp the bottom of each of the layers on your upper body and pull downward so you get rid of any wrinkles and extra bulk. Put on socks. Confirm that your socks cover the ends of your long johns so none of the skin on your legs is exposed.
  • Place necklaces around your neck to cover any exposed skin. Put on a coat. Alternate wearing the dark- and bright-coloured coats on different days so you don’t always wear the same coat. Put on leather gloves and a hat. Confirm that there is no exposed skin between your coat sleeves and gloves.
  • Put on at least one scarf. Alternate wearing scarves on different days or wear them together for a coordinated look and extra warmth. Put on boots.
  • Rub lip balm on your lips to protect them from drying out in the wind or cold weather. Place sunglasses over your eyes to protect them from the wind.


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