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Do Sex Toys Really Work in the Bedroom?

12 July; Author: Niyija

There are mixed emotions about this topic but we thought we would share what some have said about the topic…

I’ve never tried to use sex toys in our bedroom before but I noticed every time I mention it to my husband, he’d get excited and just love the idea so much. I guess a little or a lot of play in our bedroom can’t hurt but can it spice things up more for us?


I think you should try it. Keeping passion alive in marriage is something that is important (in order to avoid boring, mundane encounters). Give it a whirl!!! Keep you husband interested and have fun with it. You may like it but you won’t know unless you try it.

I introduced my wife to them, and it was definitely a big step up for our “marital relations”. The hard part for a guy is picking out something that the woman finds exciting/interesting/erotic. I recommend picking a couple of toys out together so that it’s something you both have input into it. At first, you should know that the new toy(s) will be a regular in every bedroom performance, but over time, you’ll find their place as occasional visitors.

Nothing “works” for everyone…if you are interested in trying some adult toys, then do so…some couples find various toys a lot of fun, and others aren’t interested in them…at worst, if you don’t like it then don’t use it any more…there are various things to try so you might like one thing but not another thing… Variety definitely helps keep things from getting in a rut in the bedroom…

Totally. Depending on what sort of toys, you can accomplish all sorts of things. Even something as simple as the specialty shaped wedge pillows to put things at a different angle add a good bit to the fun.

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