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Cougars’ secrets to attracting young guys

20 August; Author: Niyija

Cougars are the hot new thing and thousands of young South African men are choosing them over women their own age!

The leading cougar/cub dating site, CougarLife.com – that connects confident, mature women in their sexual prime with the younger men who love them – conducted a survey of the South African cubs on the site, prompted by record-high sign-ups over the last month.

No strings attached fun

The survey polled 1 904 South African male members, and reveals that no strings attached fun is the main reason why cougars appeal to cubs (49,3%).

Sexual experience (30,6%), a cougar’s confidence (12,9%) and the ability to relate better to older women (7,2%) are other reasons why cougars appeal to cubs. While 72,9% had dated women their own age or younger, a dedicated 27,1% had only ever dated older women.


Majority meet cougars online

The majority of guys (79,1%) went online to meet cougars, with 12,4% opting for bars or clubs, 3,2% the gym, 3,7% the grocery store, and a naughty 1,6% targeting their friend’s mums!

It also appears that mature women aren’t backwards when it comes to being forward – 53,2% of men said that it was women who made the first move and seduced them!
Most enjoy ‘cub’ or ‘toy boy’ label

While some men might feel the stigma of being called a ‘cub’ or a ‘toy boy’, the vast majority (68,9%) said they enjoy the label, while a third said they’d have no problem introducing a cougar to their parents.

Marlo Jordan, Miss CougarLife.com adds, “There are important things to bear in mind when you’re considering an age gap relationship. The truth of the matter is – while we still have a considerable amount of work to do when it comes to gender equality – the playing field is more even than it ever has been.

Women are free to choose to do what they want and are able to choose which man (or men) they want to be with at any time. We’ve come a long way since the times of arranged marriages and dowries.”

Women in their 40s three times more likely to have sex on the first date

A recent study conducted in the US reported that women in their 40s are three times more likely to have sex on the first date than women in their 20s.

Cougars are more confident, know what they want, and are very open-minded in bed! Cougars are great teachers for their cubs. Cougars are not looking to get married and start a family, they are looking to have fun and enjoy the good life!

About CougarLife.com

CougarLife.com is the number one dating site in the world for mature women (cougars) and younger men (cubs). Since 2009, CougarLife.com has reached more than four million users due to its rapid growth and global expansion. It currently has a presence in Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and South Africa.  The site has over 34 000 members in South Africa.


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