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Ben Wa Balls

14 February; Author: Niyija

BenWa_LIf you want to be sure you’re Kegeling correctly, our Ben Wa Balls are the answer! These Oriental balls ensure you’re exercising your vaginal walls and bladder muscles in a way that will positively impact sexual arousal and ability to enjoy the sensations associated with intercourse. Use the silver plated Ben Wa Balls regularly to restore and maintain vaginal elasticity. Girth: 2.5 in. (6.5 cm.)


Ben Wa Balls are Pure Romance’s Kegel exercisers and they serve to help tone and strengthen the pubococcygeus or “PC” muscles which form the floor of the pelvis. The health of these muscles plays an important role in sexual arousal and climax, as well as in other aspects of bodily functioning. The benefits you experience from healthy muscles are amazing! To find your PC muscles, go to the bathroom and imagine yourself urinating. In the middle of your stream of urine, stop and start the stream several times. The muscles you use to do this are your PC muscles. At first, you may find that you are also squeezing your anal muscles; as you become experienced with Kegel exercises, try to separate out the muscle groups that you are able to exercise by squeezing. Now that you have located your PC muscles, you can exercise them while your bladder is completely empty. First, lay down on a bed or couch and insert one of the Ben Wa Balls into your vagina and try squeezing your PC muscles to hold the exerciser in for several minutes. Try several different types of squeezes, including quick flutter holds, and long holds. Do these exercises for several minutes over a period of a few weeks. Once you are able to comfortably perform your Kegel exercises, try doing the same exercises standing up while trying to hold one of the Ben Wa Balls in your vagina. Do the same routine over a period of a few weeks. Once you are able to comfortably hold the Ben Wa Ball inside your vagina, try inserting two Ben Wa Balls while laying down. Repeat the same exercise routine with two exercisers.


Pleases the g-spot. Can help women achieve greater pubococcygeus (PC) muscle control. Can increase the power of muscle contractions. Can promote bladder control. Girth: 2.5 in. (6.5 cm.).

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