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Are You Due for a Spring Clean of the Soul?

28 September; Author: Niyija

Spring often makes everyone want to spring clean their homes – but how about a spring clean for your soul?

 springclean the soul

Everything is starting to blossom in one way or another

Your friends are having babies, your colleagues are getting married, your neighbour is sharing engagement ring catalogues with everyone who looks in her direction and your younger brother bought the new Volvo and his suburban wife is “Oh so thrilled about the practical family vehicle”.  You need to make changes – great changes, profound changes before this spring becomes your eternal nightmare.

Rediscover the Awesome You

In (re)discovering the Awesome You, brave steps will need to be taken to ensure that you become the real blossom at the endless baby showers, drunken office gatherings, riveting residents’ meetings and competitive family braais.  You need a proper spring clean: a spring clean of the soul.

Let’s start with your wardrobe

Starting with your immediate surroundings, let’s focus all the initial attention on the wardrobe – the cherished Bermuda Triangle of pure love and devotion.

The pair of pants you bought after your disastrous and incredibly traumatic break up with the Love of Your Life (who turned out to be the Love of Three of your Colleagues’ Lives) when you lost seven kilograms in one month, must now become the proud property of the Salvation Army.

I’m not saying you should just accept the fact that you are now three sizes bigger. Heavens no! What I am saying is that the new and incredible you need and deserve brand new key wardrobe items for when you’ve reached your goal weight.

Why associate your fresh look with memories of that two-timing nitwit? Set yourself a realistic target and follow a disciplined eating and exercise plan that will assist you in achieving it. Getting healthy, fit and fabulous is all part of the Soul Spring Clean.

Upgrade your living space

You’re on your way to gracing the cover of Vogue magazine next year and when you do you’ll have apartments in London, Paris and Milan but in the meantime it’s probably a great idea to start upgrading your current one.

Start improving the overall look and feel of your home by changing and adding certain key elements.

Get rid of that faded, chequered, cat-hair covered couch and all the other items you got as a housewarming, and hand-me-down presents from your sister who claimed she was planning on moving to Korea for a cultural experience which hasn’t taken place “yet”.

Now take a look at your career

All the improvements you’re making to youselt and your environment will probably need the assistance of your friends at Mastercard and Visa. This can always become next winter’s problem or you can see spring as the perfect time to start investigating other career opportunities.

This can imply moving within the company or moving away from it. Long gone are the days of sticking it out in one corporate job until you receive your gold pen after forty years of (dedicated) insufferable service.

Give booty callers the boot

Finally, that no good loser that thinks it’s okay to phone you once a month for a booty call in the middle of the night can now join the rubbish with the other skip rats. We’re taking control and that is not love or respect.

Enjoy every moment of spring cleaning your soul and keep reminding yourself of how much you’re learning and growing in the process. It sure beats all those baby showers.


 springclean the soul 2

About the author:

Suzette Leal has three Hons degrees in Psychology in the fields of General, Child and Industrial Psychology. She has been involved in individual counselling as well as corporate before starting her own business, Meet Joburg.

Together, Suzette and her business partner Mathilda, who have been friends since university days, saw a gap in the dating market and combined their knowledge about human behaviour and psychology to develop a unique dating concept.

Meet Joburg has been running successfully for two-and-a-half years now and they have over 2 500 members to date. There are between two to three events hosted on a weekly basis where the Meet Joburgteam consisting of the directors and two lovely sales and event co-ordinators facilitate the meeting and mingling of single professionals so that natural chemistry, great conversation and relationships can develop.

To become a member, visit: www.meetjoburg.co.za and complete the application process. If successful, you will be invited to your first obligation-free event.


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