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7 Tips for Making Long-Distance Relationship Last

26 August; Author: Niyija

With online dating and careers that take you across continents, long distance relationships stretch over increasing mileage. The mileage doesn’t keep your heart from skipping a beat when you get a text message or still the excitement of hearing that someone is falling in love with you. So how do you keep that?


Here are 7 tips to help you achieve a lasting long distance relationship.

1. Share activities: Who knew playing Ruzzle, Subway Surfer or Temple Run could help your relationship last? Whichever Android app, online game or sport you two like to share, make it competitive. Rent the same movie to watch and discuss what you like (or didn’t) about it. Sharing activities increases your relationship’s value and helps it last.

2. Learn something together: When a relationship helps you experience new things or improves your lifestyle, it lasts longer. Long distance relationships work the same way. So, whether you learn to speak a foreign language or do the latest dance, learn something new with each other.

3. Communicate in multiple ways: Talk on the phone, send a picture message and have a video chat whenever possible. Mail a letter sprayed with your favorite scents every now and then. By engaging all of your senses when you communicate, you continue to feel your connection with your partner.

4. Visit regularly if possible: Video chatting is great, but it doesn’t replace seeing each other face to face. Even if regular visits are three months (or more) apart, your relationship lasts longer knowing visits are coming. Alternating who travels and sharing equally in the expenses shows you both are dedicated to the relationship.

5. Plan a future: This isn’t wedding bells, the pitapats of little feet or your golden ages. Planning little things – like vacations, holidays or meeting family – helps your relationship last. If you have only been together a short while, limit planning to a few months down the road.

6. Don’t stop living: Being too available kills any relationship especially a long distance one. Don’t spend your entire day waiting to hear from your long distance partner. Sitting around wondering what the other is doing causes your imagination to get the best of you. Living your life gives you more to share and keeps worry or bitterness at bay.

7. Learn to settle disagreements properly: You’re going to argue; it’s just part of life. Make sure not to argue needlessly, and don’t let simple arguments get out of hand. Save discussions for when you are alone, have enough time and can handle them by phone or video chat instead text, email or letter. Remember you care about this person during your fight. Since most of the relationship rides on what comes out of your mouth: watch what you say.

The key to making long distance relationships last is to stay connected mentally and emotionally. You have to deal with issues more carefully than you would in person. Also, be careful not to undervalue your relationship based on the number of miles.

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