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20 Simple reminders …

23 October; Author: Admin

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, but there are simple things you can do every day to make your relationship a happier one.

Anyone who tells you their marriage is sugar and spice and all things nice is lying to you. And, whatever you do, please do not go on what people post about their lives on Facebook.

Just the other day a woman I know told me that one of her friends is the most screechy, irritated-all-the-time type mom, who is always moaning about her children and her husband. But, apparently, if you were to look at her on Facebook, you would think she is nothing short of a ‘Stepford’ wife and mother.

Life is awesome but it’s not easy. It’s the same with love. Even the most amazing, loving couples have their ‘wobbly’, maybe even flipping awful moments. It’s what’s done in the aftermath of these moments that determines whether or not the relationship will go the long-haul or not.

Couples who constantly leave things to fester and allow resentment to build up will find themselves on the fast track to the point of no return.

On the other hand, couples who pick up the pieces and immediately start doing what’s necessary to ‘make things good’ again, you will find that these relationships blossom.

Here are a few simple TLC relationship reminders… 

  1. Your partner should be one of your best friends – treat them accordingly
  2. Learn to (really) listen
  3. Communicate kindly and respectfully
  4. Remember your manners
  5. Don’t police/parent your partner – if you don’t trust him, you shouldn’t be with him
  6. Hold back on the nagging, screaming and shouting
  7. Accept each other
  8. Praise/compliment your partner in public as well as in private
  9. Fight fairly – it’s you and him against the problem, not against each other
  10. When you are wrong, don’t hold back on apologising
  11. Practise forgiveness
  12. Recognise and respond to needs
  13. Be your partner’s fan, not their critic
  14. Don’t forget to show affection
  15. Make your partner feel special – get creative with this
  16. Laugh together
  17. Expect and respect change
  18. Remind yourself of your partner’s good qualities
  19. Never stop dating your partner
  20. When things feel out of control – consider therapy



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